Voice Alchemy Workshop & Concert with Sophia Tuv

Saturday, September 26th, 6:00 pm – 9:00pm 
WeMove Studio   |    Mullumbimby   |  Corner Stuart St and Tincogan

General Price $50
WeMove Subscribers $45

Humanity is going through potent times. There is a lot of uncertainty and fear and with that a sense that there is a chance for a new world to become. In many ancient scripts, it is said that sound was the first catalyst for creating the world.


This one-off Ceremonial, Voice Alchemy workshop, Concert of hymns of the heart and sound healing is a nourishing and potent way to connect back to ourselves, to each other, and to our own power of manifestation and creation.

In many ancient scripts, it is said that sound was the first catalyst for creating the world. When we connect to our voices we have an embodied experience of the power it holds. When we are open to receive sound we can absorb the healing power of it and connect to the power of manifestation within us.


Artist & Facilitator

Sophia Tuv 

Sophia Tuv is a singer-songwriter and facilitator of voice work for groups and private students. She is classically and Jazz trained . Drawing from her professional musical background her path is one of spiritual connection.

To hear her music and learn more go to:

To see more of the Work of Anne Ridgway: www.lakshmisoundhealing.com

Masterclass structure


First half:

Voice Alchamy Workshop
In this workshop, we will experience our own Voices and sound as a tool of connecting, release, and creation.
You are welcome with love to come and experience the magic of your own voice.
This workshop is an opportunity to let go, connect and activate your voice in a guided and held space.

Second half:

Ceremonial Concert and sound healing
This is an opportunity to lay back and integrate and absorb the healing powers of song and sound.
Sophia Tuv will bath you with her original healing songs and prayers with special Guest Anne Ridgway that will end the night with a healing and magical sound bath.

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