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An immersion of body wisdom, ancient practices and personal expression! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from expert teachers, enhance your practice and get more out of your dance through life!

The Living Forms are made up of 9 empowering movement modalities that not only offer your body techniques for living healthy, but also bring you dynamic tools for your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This immersion is an offering from masterful teachers who live and breathe their craft. We will explore Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Jazz, Duncan Dance, Modern Dance, Yoga, Feldenkrais and the Alexander Technique – a blend of movement practices that are brought together bring balance and dynamic possibilities to your dance and to your life. 

In this full day workshop go deep into sensation and embody each modality in its purity. Get ready to welcome new insights to your dance through life. 

Arrive at 8:45am for a 9:00am start. Bring a water bottle and a journal. Cafe next door will be open and serves plant based and gluten free foods, or BYO lunch, or take a walk to town and enjoy an hour for lunch with friends. After the immersion of the 9 movement forms we will wrap up the day with a classic Nia class led by your hosts, Meggie Danielson and Julie Bartley. It is a full day workshop, but there will be a focus on taking care of your body so we can sustain our energy and learn all day long!

Everyone and all abilities are welcome.


 Julie Bartley

Julie Bartley is an experienced facilitator who has an extensive dance and healing arts background. She teaches several Nia classes per week and absolutely loves bringing community together. She inspires people to consciously move their bodies with joy, express their own uniqueness and just have some good ole fun while they’re at it. With many years experience in the movement and healing arts, Julie is always hungry to learn more and share the journey of growth with her community.

 Meggie Danielson

Meggie is a co-founder of WeMove Studio. Her passion to move more, learn and connect with others drives her to share new insights and opportunities for people to grow and connect to their bodies. She has an openness and optimism that helps her weave together amazing facilitators, healers, cultural educators and people from all walks of life. Nia and the 9 different movement forms have inspired Meggie to seek variety of movement, which she practices and shares with students every day.

About the teachers:

Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi

Dominic Sprekley is a master teacher in the martial arts and has trained extensively around the world. He currently teaches hapkido and uses skills from aikido, tae kwon do and tai chi in his teaching and in his own practice. He looks forward to sharing his passion and knowledge with curious and willing students.


Moana Pearl has been a dedicated yoga practitioner ever since she began her journey with Yoga over 40 years ago. Moana is a certified Ishta trained yoga teacher, body worker, and counsellor. She has been in the Shire for 26 years specialising in sacred women’s journeys and Rites of Passage. She teaches yoga with a great respect for the foundational principles and is sensitive to each body’s unique needs.


Jennifer Grove is a Certified Feldenkrais practitioner since 2000. She teaches and trains Movement Intelligence workshops and trainings in Australia, South Korea and Taiwan. She works with clients one on one from her home studio and also in the rehab sector working with addiction, mood disorders and chronic pain. Jennifer brings a rich diversity of enquiry into the somatic fields.

Alexander Technique

Tiana Hemlock-Yensen is a teacher, choreographer, dancer and writer, with a BA in Choreography from S.N.D.O (School for New Dance Development) Amsterdam. Tiana is currently on the faculty at SNDO teaching Non-linear Alignment, informed by Klein Technique, Alexander Technique, Bartenieff Fundamentals and personal research.


Adrianna Soulis is a dancer, teacher and performer in the dance arts and has taken a place on the jazz floor as a creative choreographer and uses her flare to bring electrifying moves and to great music. She is a regular teacher at WeMove and gets on stage when possible!

Modern Dance

Tora Crockford is a practitioner of many modalities and loves all things movement. She has recently found herself back in front the class teaching contemporary dance at WeMove and has taken great pleasure in exploring the dancer, teacher and choreographer within. A brilliant teacher and knowledgable dancer.

Duncan Dance

Virginia Wood is a dancer, teacher and counsellor. She has a bachelors degree in Dance Therapy from Melbourne University as well as a Masters in Expressive arts and Psychology. She holds an empowering space for people to freely express themselves and explore their authenticity. She is highly inspired by Isidore Duncan and the work that she has done in the contemporary arts realm.


$120 / $95 Early Bird Special (Before February 2nd)

$100 WeMove Subscribers/ $80 Early Bird

Limited spaces, booking essential!

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