The Living Body- 

A Body-Mind Centering® workshop facilitated by Noa Rotem

Sunday,  July 7th, 2019


WeMove Studio


Corner Stuart St and Tincogan


$55 Full Price

$50 Concession

$45 WeMove Members 

Come and experience your living body. In this one day workshop you will be offered an opportunity to access your body’s innate intelligence, poetry and love of movement.

In this workshop, we will explore how connection with our cells and with specific body systems allows movement to naturally arise. In this state of opening and listening, we are able to step into deep contact with self, other human beings, and the space around us. From this place, we discover there is nothing to invent. The richness of life we experience through the body generates movement that is dynamic and diverse.

Areas of exploration will include;
  • The musculo-skeletal system as the container of the body
  • The organs and fluids as the contents of the body
  • The body’s capacity for self-nourishment, protection and support
  • Finding balance between rest and movement, the inner world and the outer world, dialogue with self and others.
About the practice:
Body-Mind Centering ® is an embodied approach that utilizes movement, touch and voice to explore the relationship of body-mind. The combination of anatomical information and developmental processes that are framed in an experiential research provides the body-mind with the opportunity to meet itself in a new way.
A key aspect of BMC® is the way in which access to different body systems activates specific qualities of consciousness, movement and life within the body.
Given that we are constantly moving throughout our lives, whether or not you consider yourself to be a mover, you are one, and thus have the necessary movement experience to attend this workshop…
In other words- all are welcome!
Spaces are limited to ensure comfort and intimacy. Please register well in advance if you want to be there!



Noa Rotem

Noa Rotem is a theatre and movement artist with an interest in the relationship between embodiment and performance. As well as graduating in both Psychology and Acting, she also graduated from Somatic Movement Education program at the SOMA school of Body-Mind Centering® in Paris. A dominant line of enquiry permeating Noa’s work is the transformative role of art-making in both our individual lives as well as in the whole, and how this restores deep connection- to self, each other, and the world at large.
Noa spreads her time between Australia, Israel, SE Asia, and Europe.





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