Sensual Flow & Burlesque

with Oona

March 8th, 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Usual Class Prices ($22 Drop in or Grab a Pass)

* Subscribers Free

WeMove Studio


Corner Stuart St and Tincogan


WeMove Studio invites you to come and experience this daring, delicious and divine burlesque class with the gorgeous and playful, Oona!

In this burlesque style class we will tap into sensuality and vulnerability and allow our fierceness to be awakened!

No dance experience necessary, just come, be curious and ready to play. Wear something comfortable and bring your fabulous self. No heels required.

“Like so many women, I go through phases of rejecting my own body. Burlesque and sensual flow dance has helped me deal with this a lot. A full license to express whatever wild, sexy, angry or vulnerable part of myself I need and want to express. There is something so pure and beautiful about this practice and I want to share it with everyone who feels called to it.”


Oona Cheyenne Brose

Oona is a performer, teacher and passionate woman. Originally from Germany, she now travels and shares her knowledge about dance and expression through the body. She studied theatre, performance, singing and dance at Sunrise Studios Conservatorium and has fallen in love with Burlesque as an art and a life practice. She is oozes with passion and is a joy to learn from.

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