Movement Research (Boney Connections)

with Tiana Hemlock-Yensen

Fridays, January 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

1:00-  3:00pm

WeMove Studio


Corner Stuart St and Tincogan


Series of 4 Classes:

$80 General Admission / $65 concession

Per Class:

$30 Full Price  / $25 concession

WeMove Members Free

We are super thrilled to have Tiana back in Mullumbimby sharing a series of 3 workshops that will deepen your connection to your body and your bones. 


These two hour classes will focus on alignment and movement research coming from specificity of boney connections as well as using imagination to find new physical pathways. We will warm ourselves up doing some deep alignment practices inspired by Klein Technique and Alexander Technique and then begin bringing them into the space using imagery and awareness to become soft, elastic and playful in our relationship to our bodies and space. We will encounter ourselves dancing through tasks and directives that allow us to become curious about different places to move from and how we begin to make choices in our discoveries in space.

Please bring comfortable clothing, an open mind and your body, of course.

No dance knowledge is necessary only the desire to expand and explore physical territories. 



Tiana Hemlock-Yensen

Tiana Hemlock-Yensen (AUS/ DE) is a teacher, choreographer, dancer, writer, with a BA in Choreography from S.N.D.O (School for New Dance Development) Amsterdam. Tiana is currently on the faculty at SNDO teaching Non-linear Alignment, inspired and informed by Klein Technique, Alexander Technique, Bartenieff Fundamentals and personal research. Trained extensively in movement research, somatic practices, yoga and release technique among many other styles of dance, Tiana is currently completing the Klein Technique Teacher Training Certification. Tiana has taught movement research at Jacuzzi, Amsterdam and in Australia.
Tiana deeply questions how, and from where, to digest and negotiate with care the predicament of life in 2018 and the future, how to locate ourselves in space/s, and how could aligning oneself or positioning oneself be a tool for activism. Tiana is engaged in the never ending study of the body, dance and the complex field of politics that surround these artistic and everyday systems. As a choreographer and dancer Tiana makes and tours dance works as well as working with and/or performing for Cristina Kristal Rizzo (IT), Oneka von Schrader, Giulio D’Anna (NL/IT), Juli Reinhartz (DE), Theater Thikwa (DE), Jeremy Wade and Benjamin Kamino. Tiana continues to draw physical and artistic inspiration from Maria F. Scaroni, Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Katie Duck, Ria Higler and of course Susan T. Klein.

$30 General Admission

$25 concession

WeMove Members Free

Series of 3 Classes

$70 General Admission

$60 concession

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