Online Classes and Videos

Keep moving with Online Classes on Zoom and also watch classes from our catalogue of Recordings

In Person Sessions are currently on pause during the current NSW lockdown restrictions.

During the current lockdown we will be running online classes with Zoom.

You can use your existing membership pass if you are a subscriber , Or you can also buy a special Online Single Class Pass for $15, or an Online 5 class pass for $60 to join any online session. These classes are also recorded and available to check into in your own time.


How to Join a Zoom

1. First Make sure you have a Membership or Online Pass and Log In to the Website.

2. ‘Check In’ to the class ahead of time with your Pass from the Timetable page.

3. After being ‘Checked In’, join the class a few minutes before it starts when it is live on Zoom using the link

4. After Class review the recording again anytime on your My Videos page.

5. You may also use your Pass to ‘Check In’ to previously recorded classes from our All Videos page.


Some of our online classes were recorded during the local lockdown period in 2020. We have kept them online for you to enjoy from home. Others will be added during this current lockdown period.

*Please follow along to our online classes at your own risk and consult a doctor if you experience pain or injury.