Kids Classes 

Term 2, 2020 *Due to covid-19 restrictions classes are being adapted to online, get in touch for registrations 

WeMove is registered as both a Creative Kids and Active Kids provider and can accept your $100 voucher from NSW government! Please give the child’s name, birth date and voucher number when registering. We recommend using one voucher per term, available to all children each year.


Lil’ Movers

with Kim Košič

Ages 4-7 yrs


This class introduces lil’ movers into creative movement techniques, including choreography while learning basic hip-hop & jazz funk style dance.

Play & fun will be used as a way to enhance coordination skills as well as rhythm, taking turns, making friends & working as a team to progress from foundation to the first performing steps.

To register contact:

p: 0491033355

Urban Dance 

with Kim Košič  

Ages 8-14 yrs


This class is an introduction to hip-hop & jazz funk style dances. It is a fun way to learn dance technique and explore style.

We will learn more about rhythm, coordination, technique, musicality & choreography. Students are challenged to think on their feet while enjoying an energetic and high paced exhilarating dance experience.

To register contact:

p: 0491033355


Contemporary Dance & Choreography

with Talulah & Alona

Ages 10-13 yrs


This class will introduce the fundamental ideas behind contemporary and modern dance.
We will practice technique exercises and phrases, and will become familiar with some contemporary terminology.
A strong creative exploration will be encouraged in these classes to also build original movement sequences, as well as learn set choreography to great music.
Both Talulah & Alona have an extensive background in classical training and contemporary practice, and are excited to create some new magic with the kids


To register contact:

p: 0424476767


Hula and Tahitian Dance

with Anna Carbonell

Ages 5-11 yrs 


Combining two cultural dances from the Polynesian islands of Hawaii and Tahiti. Hawaiian hula aims to connect the kids to a dance that honours all beings as well as the wind, ocean, rain, forest, mountains, lava, flowers, trees and everything in nature. The kids will learn to move the way the elements of the earth move while having fun and connecting to others. “Ori” means “dance or dancing”. “Ori Tahiti” is known as Tahitian Dance.  This dance is filled with energy and joyfulness by using the entire body to convey the feelings and emotions of the songs.


To register contact:

p: 0487958732


Nature Ninjas

with Lex Richards

*On pause for term 2


Ages 7-12 yrs

Young Nature Ninjas creates a fun, dynamic, educational and empowering time for youth to move, learn and play. This is done with a focus on functional movements and games that are non competitive or specific skill based rather supportive and inclusive. Working with animal mimicry to connect with alternative ways of motion and greater body awareness and brain development. We also include some tracking games, parkour, stretching and receptive games using sound as the catalyst for change. This is possible for any level of fitness or co-ordination if the person is willing and interesting to participate.

To register contact:

p: 0423705228


African Dance

with Gabriel Otu

*On pause for term 2


Ages 4yrs +

Class details coming soon!

To register contact:

p: 0411171935