Hawaiian Hula 8 Week Course

with Anna Carbonell

Wednesdays Beginning July 29th – September 16th, 2020

Pre-teen / Adult group 4:15 – 5:15pm

$130 – 8 Week Course

$120 -Students

*Active/Creative Kids Vouchers accepted

No cost to subscribers, but commitment must be made

WeMove Studio


Corner Stuart St and Tincogan

Come experience the graceful culture and dance of traditional Hawaii. No experience required. Grow together with the Aloha Hula community!

This 8 week course is an opportunity to learn hula as a beginner, or go deeper into your hula practice. Hula is poetry in motion. It is filled with tradition, culture and the Aloha spirit. Anna, of Aloha Hula NSW will teach the hula (dance) with a focus on footwork, hip sways and hand gestures to tell the story and convey the meaning behind the song. She will also incorporate Hawaiian language, chanting, singing, drumming and basic ukulele strumming. Expect to gain strength, coordination, memory and joy as you practice the dances and connect to mother earth, which provides us with a well of life force energy.


Anna Carbonell

Anna has been dancing the hula for over 26 years all over the U.S.A. including Hawaii, Philippines and Australia. Although not a native of Hawaii, she respects and represents the culture with the heart and soul of a true Hawaiian local. Anna has formed a hula “hui” (dance group) along with her hula sisters, Mikky, Gisela, Kate and Rebeka, in Mullumbimby that perpetuates the traditions of hula not only as a form of dance and cultural education but most importantly as a way of life.

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