Dance of the Wild Sacred Feminine

with Jacqui Lalita (California, USA)

Saturday, April 6th and 7th
10:00pm – 15:00pm

WeMove Studio
Corner Stuart St and Tincogan

You are invited to a special Weekend Immersion into the Ancient Art of Belly Dance & Sacred Dance for Women with Jacqui Lalita (California, USA)

Drawing upon a lifetime of studying and teaching sacred cultural dances around the world, Jacqui Lalita offers a format for women to unearth their sensual connection and innate body wisdom through the healing medicine of movement. This immersion is designed to ignite inner alchemy and feel the wise, wild & sacred feminine dancing through every cell of our being.

These are dances that are born of ancient sands, from a time when women knew the power within their soul and spine. These movements and the hidden pathways revealed within them can help us to walk in beauty and deeper connection to our bodies and the body of the living Earth.

It is common for women to experience deep healing within their pelvis and belly during these immersions. Our sacral chakra is the home of our primordial creative life force energy, otherwise known as Shakti. Our creativity and sacred sexuality dwell here, and it is so helpful to clear stagnation and trauma from this area to live our full potential as women and creatresses.

Dance of the Divine Feminine: Jacqui’s signature dance style invites us on an enchanting odyssey into the depths of our femininity. and divine connection to all that is. This is mystical Middle Eastern dance merged with dance as a healing prayer.

We’re expecting these events to sell out so RSVP to secure your spot and early bird pricing by sending $160 to Jacqui on Venmo@Jacquilalita or paypal: selecting the “Send Money to Friends & Family” option. Once we receive payment you’ll receive a confirmation and welcome letter.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from Jacqui who is only in the country for two special weekends!

Feel free to call if you have any questions or want further details! Emily xx
0424 646 940

About Jacqui Lalita

Jacqui Lalita is a dance ethnologist and storyteller who travels the world teaching traditional dances of the Middle East and devotional dance as a path of healing.  Her love affair with ethnic culture and sacred movement has led her to many faraway lands to share the sublime beauty of ancient and modern dances.    She leads rejuvenating retreats for women and is passionate about reawakening the feminine mysteries and inspiring people to deepen their connection to the living Earth. She is the star of the Element Belly Dance DVD sold in retail stores throughout the world.   This will be her first time coming to Australia and we are so excited to welcome her.  

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