WildRoots Journey with Amit Carmeli

WildRoots Journey with Amit Carmeli

WildRoots Journey

with Amit Carmeli

Introduction session 
Wednesday, March 20th 20:00-22:30 

Open for everyone for $40 

Thursday, March 21st  11:00-16:00

Friday, March 22nd  11:00-16:00

Saturday, March 23rd  11:00-16:00

Sunday, March 24th  11:00-16:00

Final Ceremony:
Sunday evening 20:00-22:30
Open to family and friends for $40

$520 for the whole Journey
$420 Early Birds—-till February 20th
$360 for the experienced ones!
(Those who Participated in at least one weekend before!)

All prices including the intro and the final ceremony nights.

WeMove Studio
Corner Stuart St and Tincogan

We are pleased to announce that Amit is coming to Australia again in March, to teach a series of workshops

This is an incredible and rare opportunity to work with an internationally acclaimed voice and breath work & Sound Healing master. During the course you will be led on a journey of opening to your natural voice, allowing your deepest music to sing through you.

The Wild Roots Practice teaches us to listen deeply, relax and connect to ”the breather”. It offers a way to explore our creative nature and express our unique voice in a supportive, healing and welcoming way.
It strengthens the experience of our true nature, deepening the intimacy with oneself and others.
Increase the tribal sense of belonging.
Free the sexual energy that runs through us every moment.
These are only a few of the intentions and offerings of the Wild Root Vocal Journey.

This journey is not only for the singers. Anyone with the inclination to meet their true nature and learn something new will benefit. This technique teaches us to express what is deep within us and to throw away preconceptions of ‘art’ or sounding good. This is about presence with ourselves, with each other, with nature.

Whoever wishes to do the journey must come on Wednesday evening for it is the first session(!) as well as the introductory for whoever wishes to know and not sure yet.
Private sessions will be welcomed from
Monday 25th till Tuesday 26th.

To book your place a deposit of $210 is required, please register at the Eventbrite link above. The remaining money we ask to be paid in cash on the night of the intro or on Thursday morning before the first-day session of the journey.

Please put your Full Name and WR-MU (for Mullumbimby) when depositing monies so we’ll know which journey you are signing in to.

::For more details & registration please contact :::

Charlotte Roberts:

(whatsapp only)

About Amit Carmeli

Amit Carmeli Musician, Vocal Artist, Music & Sound Healer.
Born in 1970, Israel.

‫”‬Since the day I started hearing music, I have realized, that the human voice is the ultimate instrument for the boundless expression of Music and Life; nevertheless, I have spent 20 years of playing, producing and arranging music without ever opening my mouth.”

The simple wish for singing was life-transforming, for it revealed the true power of life’s creative energy. In my work, I call this energy “Wild Root” and the teaching technique I have named ”Wild Roots Meditation”.3 years of self-exploration at the Carmel Mountains in the north of Israel, have made me realise and understand Life as Music and Music as Life. Ever since, it has been 15 years of sessions and group workshops with people of all ages, exposing and empowering the vital creative force in each and every one of us.

Breathing music together with awareness and pure intention of Goodness is a life-transforming process, teaching us about our nature and our longing for uniqueness and unity, harmony and wildness.”Amit is a well-known artist & music-producer in Israel, having played and performed with many of Israel’s top musicians over the past 20 years, including artist such as: The Fools of Prophecy (Shotei Hanevuah), Idan Raichel Project, Raichel-Farka tour, Berry Sacharov & Mosh Ben-Ari.


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Sacred Sound Journey

Sacred Sound Journey

Sacred Sound Journey

with Trish Blytman

Saturday, March 2nd 
15:00 – 16:30pm

Price $25

WeMove Studio
Corner Stuart St and Tincogan

Join Trish Blythman of Integration For Life at the sacred space of WeMove.studio on a National ‘Sounds of Light’ Tour.

Calm, Relax & Integrate Body, Mind & Spirit
Trish will be offering a blissful & sacred healing soundscape journey, accompanied with her ethereal voice in Languages of Light. An experience that rejuvenates and upgrades the whole body with Divine Light Codes. The union of sound and cosmic languages induces mindful listening of high vibrational frequencies, bringing about an uplifting integration into our authentic self.
Experience the hauntingly beautiful sounds of the Himalayan and Crystal Bowls, Medicine drum, Chimes, Gong, flute, and gentle percussion. Trish’s Angelic voice will take you on a journey through the multiverses!
This session takes you on an inner reflective journey within – where you are totally nourished, while floating to the most beautiful Sacred Sounds. You can feel your body gently coming back into a space of calm & inner stillness.
Therapeutic sound takes you into the lower states of consciousness, where your body flows into a deep relaxation. This allows the whole body to move into a healing response, that is integrating, uplifting & rejuvenating.
This offering is best received sitting with back supported, or laying down. For your comfort please bring a Yoga mat, pillow or cushion & warm rug. Water bottle if needed.
Not suitable for children
Trish has been working intuitively with sound for ten years and holds a Practitioner and a Group Diploma in Sound Therapy through British Academy of Sound Therapy.
British Academy of Sound Therapy advises that Soundbaths/Sound Immersions may not be suitable for the following, so if you have any of these, please let Trish know prior to booking or attending:
Women in the first trimester of pregnancy, or any of the following medical conditions: seizures, epilepsy, clinical depression, bipolar or any serious mental health conditions, or on any drugs that change your mental capacity, & any metal implants or plates in the body.
Please advise Trish if you if you have any of these.
TICKET DISCLAIMER: Please note all ticket sales are non-refundable for non-attendan

About Trish Blytman

Trish Blythman is a qualified and gifted Sound Therapist, and Integrative holistic practitioner. From a Corporate business background in the Police Department, to now fulltime owner and small business owner of Integration for Life. After she experienced an awakening experience through Spirit in 2009, that lead her to work with sound frequencies and vibrational therapies. This awoke Trish to her Soul contract for this life, as she received sacred geometries into her consciousness, it activated light codes for sounding and speaking in Soul Languages of Light. She now devotes her life to helping as many souls as possible to raise their own frequency, step into their highest calling, and live their highest potential & service.

 Trish brings together ethereal sonic soundscapes through therapeutic sound instruments, that creates a blissful, relaxing experience, perfect for meditation and personal insight. With high vibrational harmonic vocals and healing harmonics created from the Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Medicine drum, Gong, Percussion and Chimes, she plays the instruments up and around your body. These healing sounds assist to clear blocked or stuck energies, balance the chakras, clear the aura and raise your energetic blueprint to awaken your soul purpose. 

 With her gift of speaking sacred Languages of Light, Trish speaks & sounds directly to your soul. These high vibration frequencies hold sacred light codes within, that assist your body and soul to awaken and align to the current increasing shifts in consciousness.  This is truly Heart Language, encouraging, loving, confirming and guiding you on your life path. Her beautiful Angelic voice lifting you into the heavens, taking you on a sacred transformative journey into your soul.  These divine sounds heal at a cellular level, integrating and balancing body, mind, emotion and soul.  A blessed journey into self-realisation. 

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Dance of the Wild Sacred Feminine

Dance of the Wild Sacred Feminine

Dance of the Wild Sacred Feminine

with Jacqui Lalita (California, USA)

Saturday, April 6th and 7th
10:00pm – 15:00pm

WeMove Studio
Corner Stuart St and Tincogan

You are invited to a special Weekend Immersion into the Ancient Art of Belly Dance & Sacred Dance for Women with Jacqui Lalita (California, USA)

Drawing upon a lifetime of studying and teaching sacred cultural dances around the world, Jacqui Lalita offers a format for women to unearth their sensual connection and innate body wisdom through the healing medicine of movement. This immersion is designed to ignite inner alchemy and feel the wise, wild & sacred feminine dancing through every cell of our being.

These are dances that are born of ancient sands, from a time when women knew the power within their soul and spine. These movements and the hidden pathways revealed within them can help us to walk in beauty and deeper connection to our bodies and the body of the living Earth.

It is common for women to experience deep healing within their pelvis and belly during these immersions. Our sacral chakra is the home of our primordial creative life force energy, otherwise known as Shakti. Our creativity and sacred sexuality dwell here, and it is so helpful to clear stagnation and trauma from this area to live our full potential as women and creatresses.

Dance of the Divine Feminine: Jacqui’s signature dance style invites us on an enchanting odyssey into the depths of our femininity. and divine connection to all that is. This is mystical Middle Eastern dance merged with dance as a healing prayer.

We’re expecting these events to sell out so RSVP to secure your spot and early bird pricing by sending $160 to Jacqui on Venmo@Jacquilalita or paypal: goddessrevival@gmail.com selecting the “Send Money to Friends & Family” option. Once we receive payment you’ll receive a confirmation and welcome letter.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from Jacqui who is only in the country for two special weekends!

Feel free to call if you have any questions or want further details! Emily xx
0424 646 940

About Jacqui Lalita

Jacqui Lalita is a dance ethnologist and storyteller who travels the world teaching traditional dances of the Middle East and devotional dance as a path of healing.  Her love affair with ethnic culture and sacred movement has led her to many faraway lands to share the sublime beauty of ancient and modern dances.    She leads rejuvenating retreats for women and is passionate about reawakening the feminine mysteries and inspiring people to deepen their connection to the living Earth. She is the star of the Element Belly Dance DVD sold in retail stores throughout the world.   This will be her first time coming to Australia and we are so excited to welcome her.  

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Dance of The Beloved with Deva Mohani

Dance of The Beloved with Deva Mohani

Dance Of The Beloved

with Deva Mohani

Saturday, March 16th
10:00pm – 12:30pm

$50 full Price

$45 Concession

$40 WeMove members


WeMove Studio
Corner Stuart St and Tincogan


You’re invited to explore music and dance inspired by the Egyptian and Sufi tradition. This is a journey of exploration, offering a doorway to dance and bask in the divine essence that is always present.
The workshop includes:
A comprehensive warm up including principles of eastern practices, Pilates, yoga and breath.
A contemporary holistic approach to Egyptian dance and Sufi movements, enhancing your fluidity of expression and awareness of your body alignment and presence
We will complete the last hour with a Sufi centering meditation, including synchronized, rhythmic body movements while being transported into an expanded state of awareness to the sound of exquisite mystical music!

About Deva Mohani

the founder of the Contemporary Egyptian dance School in Mullumbimby Australia and facilitates dance meditations.
Her introduction to the tradition of Oriental dance in 1989 was by a native dancer-anthropologist. She dedicated 27 years to Middle Eastern dance forms, teaching and performing. Her teaching has spanned throughout Australia, India and Italy. Through the Indian mystic Osho in 1983 Mohani was initiated to her spiritual path. This has led her to practice a variety of dance meditations and to discover the path of the Sufi mystics.
Her involvement in contemporary Hilal dance, since 2001, led her to train in Canberra, Sydney and Dusseldorf, while recently directing and producing “Offerings from the Heart”, a dance production in Byron Bay. This performance was a fundraiser to support refugees in Australia.
For Mohani dance practice and meditation are a way to cultivate our spiritual life to treat our body as an “energetic” temple.

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Olivia Rosebery Official Film Clip Launch

Olivia Rosebery Official Film Clip Launch

Olivia Rosebery Official Film Clip Launch
Spirit is Calling

Saturday, March 15th
6:00pm – 10:00pm
$25 at the door

WeMove Studio
Corner Stuart St and Tincogan

We are inviting you to be part of the launch of Olivia Rosebery’s musical offerings and the start of her first tour of her original music with the official debut single ‘Spirit is Calling’.

“With this song I acknowledge and honour the first nations past and present across the globe. This song pays respect and has faith in the strength and revival of our ancient culture. It speaks to the journey of the wounded warrior, the wounded healer, and imparts the wisdom to receive the guidance of our ancestors, our elders. ‘Spirit is Calling’ recognises the powerful journey of resilience and healing that is inherent in us all…


The evening will offer a nourishing space to mingle with the local community with some Chai & treats
Local Hemp Vegan Chef Stephanie Goshawk will be offering her nourishing curry, chai & vegan deserts for purchase from 6pm.

We respect, honour and acknowledge the traditional custodians and spirit of the land

LIVE MUSIC  Olivia Rosebery Music
Bring along your cushions to enjoy the earthy soulful melodies and get a taste of some of the conscious-soul songs due to be recorded for an upcoming Album.

We are very excited to announce the official launch of Olivia’s first single ‘Spirit is Calling’ recorded in collaboration with local producer Josh Arent here in Mullumbimby.

Witness the epic music clip created in collaboration with the very talented earth-warrior Paul Daley from a lush forest M E D I A. Together Paul and Olivia, in the spirit of Dadirri have woven an alchemical scenery of nature & mysticism.
Find out more about a lush forest offerings at www.alushforest.com

Come and support this wild woman of song in the week of her 28th Birthday. Entering Saturn Return we are celebrating the beginning of a new cycle where she is starting to launch her musical offerings & preparing to record her debut Album.

Suebee Fae Will create a sacred space of dancing for us to journey and celebrate – SPIRIT DANCE – expect a guided meditation to start us off, oracle messages and a space for you to set intention and dance to your hearts content. Jorge Patrocinio from Aruanda Collective will be Dj-ing – guiding the Spirit Dance Journey with his worldly Amazonian music. 

Song of the Earth will help ground and integrate the evening with a sound meditation.

About Olivia Rosebery

A voice for the earth, her acoustic-soul inspires positive change and a deeper sense of community that cares for the earth and for each other. Evocative of artists like India Arie, Eva Cassidy, Lauryn Hill, and Tracy Chapman, Olivia Rosebery’s sound is an earthy fusion of soul, jazz and world music. Her songs bloom from a life long love affair with nature, years of earth-based practises, healing, meditation, and adventure.
Olivia is part of a global community of musicians, artists, environmental activists, positive change-makers who are dedicated to living in greater harmony with the earth. Through her music she has supported charities including A Sound for Life, Heart Dancers, Sea Shepherd and the Rainforest Project. She has had the honour to perform alongside and collaborate with incredible artists such as Tash Sultana, Gawurra, Dustin Thomas, Steve Clisby, Iluka, Murray Kyle, and many others.

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Movement Intelligence/Bones For Life 1| Jennifer Groves

Movement Intelligence/Bones For Life 1| Jennifer Groves

Movement Intelligence/Bones For Life 1 with Jennifer Groves

Saturday,  February 23rd


WeMove Studio


Corner Stuart St and Tincogan


$85 Full Price 

$80 concession

$75 WeMove members

Bones For Life is a comprehensive movement – based program for the health of the skeletal system.

This workshop is an introduction to Movement Intelligence-Bones for Life 1 program. You will learn self-help tools to find postural correction through movement orientated somatic education. A seven-metre wrap is used as an exo-skeleton, establishing a clear axial line of the spine for exploring a safe dynamic movement in space. Partner work, walls and the floor will be utilised to stimulate isometric resistance and rhythmic vibration.
Movement Intelligence is a training system for dynamic postural re-education and mind-body suppleness. It has been developed by Dr. Ruthy Alon, based on Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ approach to somatic learning. Ruthy has become an elder and mentor to students in over 30 countries.
The Bones for Life program, which we will be focusing on for this one day workshop teaches you how to increase bone strength through natural movement and rhythm. Influenced by rhythmic African walking styles, the program consists of 90 processes.



Jennifer Groves

Jennifer Groves is a Senior Movement Intelligence trainer in Australasia and certified Feldenkrais practitioner. She established the first yoga studio in Byron Bay in the early 80’s and now works from her private practice in Mullumbimby.
Bones for Life 1, Jennifer’s first introductory program is based on the Feldenkrais method of somatic mind/body education, working with the nervous system and the brain’s plasticity which allows systematic change in motor function via movement awareness. 
Jenny has worked with some of the most educated somatic trainers in the world. She assisted and taught under Ruthy Alon, the Movement Intelligence founder for over 20 years and brings with her a vast array of self-help tools for any age and body.

$85 General Admission

$80 concession

$75  WeMove Members

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