HIGH TIDE | Music & Dance Journey- POSTPONED

HIGH TIDE | Music & Dance Journey- POSTPONED


HIGH TIDE – Music & Dance Journey


Friday, March 20th 7:00pm

$25 General
$20 Wemove subscribers

WeMove Studio
Corner Stuart Street and Tincogan

Mullum’s first HIGH TIDE! An epic music and dance journey with live musicians- Peter Hunt, Tom Hinchliffe and Hugh Jones, a trio that rides the waves of African, jazz, funk and folk music from around the world!

HIGH TIDE is a unique dance journey that becomes a co-creation of the moment- through live music, dance, epic jamming and good times! The music fuels the dance and the dance fuels the music. With talented and soulful musicians Peter Hunt, Tom Hinchliffe and Hugh Jones, a trio that rides the waves of African, jazz, funk and various folk music’s of the world.

Communities across the world have generated powerful dance journeys together by taking time to welcome each other into presence, feel what is alive within, make sound and respond through dance, creating a powerful, non verbal story of people and place.

You are invited to come as you are, connect to your creative source and dive in for a satisfying experience of body, breath, groove and goodness. We’ll warm up the dance floor, leave expectation behind, connect to intention, enjoy the freedom and then bathe in all the good vibes that we generate together!

About the Musicians:

Peter Hunt is the core songwriter and trumpet player for the band Kooii. He is also an active collaborator, playing with and writing for several groups panning the influences of African, Jazz, Reggae and various folk music’s helping cultivate a distinct soul-belonging sound that resonate through song’s that seek, or find, connection between people and place.

Hugh Jones is a drummer and percussionist with a dolphin like sense of playfulness, wisdom and power in his creativity. He has generated the rhythm of several significant groups in the shire over the past decade drawing from a love and exploration of jazz, reggae and African music.

Tom Hinchliffe is a Brisbane based bass player and musician renowned for his sense of funk and jazz and the lyrical and rhythmic beauty in music and his ability to carry a song from below whilst illuminating its higher realms with his vocal harmony. As the bass player for Kooii, he and Peter have been cultivating their way in music together in various collaborations for over 16 years.

$25 General

$20 WeMove Subscribers

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