BIMBY Body Un/Knowledge Weekend 2020 – February 7, 8, 9

A convergence of bodies telling stories of people, place and culture through movement, performance and artistic inquiry.

BIMBY Body Un/Knowledge Weekend is the nest for a festival. It is the initial coming together of locals and international artists and creatives who work through and with the body. Two days of performances, workshops, sharing of practice and conversations that make space for participating in dialogues and encounters around questions of what does it mean to perform the knowledge of our bodies in public and private space?
Whether or not people are dancers or movers their lives are expressed through their bodies and the bodies of knowledge they produce. Bodies carry narratives, tell stories, enact politics, enforce, open up, and change possibilities for ways of being together. We are making spaces for exchanges between people with different practices, her-stories and backgrounds.
This weekend looks to crack glimpses into the past and urgent future through our physical vehicles and to begin to imagine more and more spaces for exploration of bodied knowledges.

Friday Feb 7th 

7.00-10.00pm Performative Food Experiment

$55 (includes dinner) *limited seating, must book in advance. 


Saturday Feb 8th

9.30-10.15am Acknowledging Country — What does it mean to be on land that was never ours?

11.00-1.00pm Mini Residency — Noha Ramadan

($18 / 15 con. / 10 WeMove members)

2.30- 5.30pm WORKSHOP — Noha Ramadan

($55 / 50 conc. / 45 WeMove members)

 8.00-10.00pm Evening of Performance — Artists from Amsterdam, Mullumbimby, Lismore, Sydney, Berlin

($18 / 15 conc. / 10 WeMove members)

 10.00-11.30pm Afterparty 


Sunday Feb 9th

10.00-1.00pm WORKSHOP — Mitch King 

($55 / 50 Conc. / 45 WeMove members)

2.30-4.00pm Panel on Practice

(Free Community Event) 

4.30-7.00pm Body Un/Knowledge Lab 

($40 / 35 Conc. / 30 WeMove members)



Event details:

Practice Sharing with Noha Ramadan

An opportunity for a small number of participants (limited spaces) to come into the work space of artist, Noha Ramadan, to engage in her creative process. Express your interest by emailing:

Noha is an Egyptian-Australian choreographer based in Amsterdam. She approaches dance as somatic thinking and choreography as a set of relations and processes. Her work is underscored by a love for language, fiction and structural experimentation, testing the relationships between between meaning and its collapse.  In 2017 Noha co-founded Jacuzzi, a collective artist-run space in Amsterdam focused on dance and visual arts. She holds a Master of Choreography from DAS and has presented her work in various contexts in Europe and Australia including FLAM/Arti et Amicitiae, Frascati, nGbK, HAU, Carriage Works. 


Weekend Ticket

$220 / 180 WeMove Member

Sat-Sun Ticket

$180 / 140 WeMove Member

Friday Performative Dinner

$55 / 50 WeMove Member

Individual Event Tickets

$15 – 55 

Any Questions?

Contact Alona: 0424476767

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