An awesome space for dance, movement, connection and community!

Our Vision is to bring many beautiful movement and dance classes together in order to make it easier for people to move more, stay healthy and feel good.

We strive to be a place where the community can come in and move together, release, grow, laugh and set themselves free… any day of the week!

We value the richness in our diverse community and feel that it is important to come together and celebrate the unique gifts that we each bring.

We are an inclusive space for children, teens, adults and seniors to learn, explore and enjoy moving in their unique bodies.

We operate on a subscription based model which provides stability for teachers and encourages members to move more!


As a social enterprise we value everyone involved and are committed to:

Paying teachers fairly and allowing them to focus more on their teaching rather than admin and marketing

Keeping membership fees affordable and offering 1 free class every 3 months to any local community members

Supporting community projects by contributing a percentage of all membership fees back into community, youth, and indigenous movement programs.

We believe this unique model works for everybody and we are excited to see the positive impact this place will have on our community!